Say Goodbye to Scratches and Welcome Back Your Satin Finish Jewelry!

Here is a nifty little trick to help you restore that beautiful satin finish to your precious jewelry and wave goodbye to those pesky scratches.

But, before we dive in, a quick heads up to keep your bling in tip-top shape:

🚫 First off, avoid using this method on jewelry pieces with any kind of plating or coating, like plated, vermeil, or filled jewelry.

🚫 And please, steer clear of gemstones when you're using the nail buffer. We don't want any accidental gem casualties!

Now, let's get to the fun part. Here's what you'll need:


scratched sterling silver ring

1. Grab a Nail Buffer (I personally swear by the "Revlon Shape 'N' buff"). In one hand, hold your scratched-up jewelry piece.





Scratched jewerly nail buffer
2. Start with side 1 of the nail buffer, just like you would when doing your nails. Gently work your way across the jewelry's surface, adjusting the pressure to gradually erase those scratches.




satin finish jewelry recover

3. Mix it up a bit! Use the buffer in different directions to ensure a thorough buffing.





    jewelry satin finish recover tip4. Once the surface is looking nice and even, go over the jewelry again, but this time, maintain a consistent direction with the buffer.     

    satin finish geometric contemporary sterling silver handmade ring5. And voilà, you're done! Your jewelry should be looking as good as new
      scratch free jewerly tricIf you've reached scratch-free nirvana, awesome! You're done. However, if a few stubborn scratches are still holding on, switch to the white side of the nail buffer (the fine nail file). Repeat step 2, but this time, go easy on it. As soon as your jewelry's surface is silky-smooth, start the whole process over.




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      Luci Gil