About me:

Hey, it's Luci here!About me Uluuh Handmade Jewelry Jewellery Modern Unique Stylish

I'm the owner, designer, and maker of Uluuh, a small handmade jewelry business in Canada.

If you are like me, you are someone who wants to show your style without disconnecting from the group. I mean, you don't want to be the crazy lady with a weird hat at the party, but you want to be unique. If that's your case, you are in the right place. I got you! I'm the same way! And even better is to bring your style with a story and interesting background about your choices, right?Let me share with you a fact that happened to me. Even before considering to be a jeweller, my favourite gift was always jewelry! I used to live in Brazil, and when my husband travelled abroad, I immediately chose a Tiffany's piece for him to bring to me. And I was always super excited about it. Until one day, he bought me a super modern gorgeous ring from a store close to our house. It was made by a local jeweller designer, and it's until today my favourite gift. Being handmade by a designer from a small studio made it super exclusive, an authentic piece of art.
That's what I want to give you: pieces of art to be worn every day or on special occasions. That will last, and you will be proud to show it and tell the story behind it.

My inspiration:

Growing up in Brazil, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible artwork, thanks to my mom, an art gallerist. At that time, I discovered a passion for modern art and architecture and the energy and inspiration of urban centres and their buildings.

Uluuh Handmade Jewelry Jewellery Inspiration moder arquitecture picturesAfter many years, I became a full-time mom, and I knew I wanted to be there for my kids, but I also craved the excitement and creativity of working in marketing. Do you know when everything is right, but you are not fulfilled? That's when I decided to start my own business, Uluuh, to combine my love for modern art and architecture with my aesthetic knowledge and creativity to make unique and handmade jewelry that are modern pieces of art.

My purpose:

If you share my love for modern art and architecture and want to show that you are

Gold ring tourmalines aquamarine

unique, you'll feel at home at Uluuh. My goal is to create jewelry pieces that are wearable art and make you feel confident, inspired and uniquely stylish.


My values:

Joy/positivity: I believe everything is better and easier with joy. Also, I think that joy is part of a positive energy that I put into my pieces during the making process to always move with you while wearing my jewelry.

Girlpower: for me, it's not only about being a woman. It's about supporting and empowering each other.

Innovation: there are always different ways to make, wear, and think, and I love to explore them.

Creativity: that's the best and the most fun part. I'm not a usual thinker; I like to see through different angles, and exploring them in my profession is fantastic.

Modern: because that's how I like it. Geometrics, angles, asymmetry, creating sculptures and structures, that's my thing.

Sustainability: as a vegan for the animals and the environment, sustainability is crucial for me. I'm consistently reducing waste and looking for ethical and fair trade sources as much as I can.

My production process:

All my jewelry pieces are made to order, one-of-a-kind, or custom-made. No stock is kept here! No waste, no overproduction! Every single order is made specifically for you. This way, I avoid unnecessary excess that directly or indirectly impacts the environment.

Small Jewelry Studio and tools Uluuh Handmade Jewelry Jewellery

My jewelry is handmade by me in my studio in Oakville, Canada. After drawing the idea, it's time to start the production process. My jewelry pieces are made of recycled solid gold and recycled sterling silver (925). Always using raw materials such as sheets, wires, stock or tubing, I saw, cut, file, solder, and polish the metals to make the piece.

When working with gemstones for One of a Kind pieces, the gemstone shape, colour and design are my inspiration. I usually put the gem on the bench as a starting point of the design, but the creation is live and changes during the production process of these items. While working with gemstones, one final step is setting the gems. I place them in the bezel, flush or prongs, and sometimes I mix setting techniques at the same piece. The last step is the final polish. It could be a high polishing or (my favourite) satin finish.

I work exclusively with Canadian Diamonds because:
- they have the world's highest environmental standards
- are conflict-free
- traceable
- from Canada (heart)


All my gold and silver are recycled. My stock is almost zero. My pieces are made to order, except for the one-of-a-kind items. There is no overproduction and no waste!

Uluuh Handmade Jewelry Jewellery Sustainability

My diamonds are always Canadian, which means they come from conflict-free areas, are traceable and with the world's highest environmental standards. As a vegan, my studio has no bee wax or rawhide mallet! The only animal related here is Yoda, my lovely dog who is always with me! My quality checker.